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If you are a publishing house, InQuize is the place to be. Our platform can help you grow your business.

Reaching more readers, selling more books, developing and maintaining relationships, and creating a loyal community is not easy anymore, it takes time, money, and a lot of effort.


The more you get participations the more you generate incomes.

Easy steps

to start your journey beyond media


Download the InQuize app on your phone and create an account.


 Connect your account to our web platform and request the account activation.


Create your media and program profile and start posting.


Schedule the type and topic of the posts and add them to your daily articles.


Create posts according to your plan, and add the QR codes and links to your pages.


Collect the needed data so you can get information about your participants and readers.

How can you use InQuize

to enhance your performance

Device Frame

Every program profile can create shareable polls, quizzes, votes, games, and support campaigns.


InQuize will provide you with personalized QR codes and links for the media profile, the program’s profiles, and posts.

These are some easy tips to make it easier for you and your readers : 

Our QR codes are printable

So you can easily insert them in the narrow, in the front cover, in the blurb page, and even in the pages of your sections and chapters.

If you have an e-book version, you can also add the QR codes and links to the parts mentioned above.

Sell books

Make more interactive events

If you’re throwing a launch event for one of your books, you can also print the QR code on the posters and the event printable supports.

Even if your event is online, you can display the code with the lower thirds which can be seen on any screen.

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